Skinny Love (Infatuation Nation pt. 2)


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Like a merry go round

We go in circles

Going in the same direction

Never getting any closer to where we should be

Like a roller coaster

Slowing going up that steep hill

We’re waiting in patient anticipation

For the thrill that’s inevitably about to occur

Like a ferris wheel

We’re making it to the top

But it takes a while

Because they’re so many stops along the way

Like the drop tower

It’s the scariest one

One of us could lose a limb

It’s worth the risk


I’m Sorry


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You used to be there

Every day

Even when you were too much for me to handle

Even when I didn’t want you to be



I go day by day

And I’ll be honest

Sometimes I won’t even recognize you’re gone


But then there are times like this

Where I’m sitting between piles of work due tomorrow

And piles of work due yesterday

And all I want is to escape


I turn to you

And it’s like unfamiliar territory

Like I’m reaching back to a distant childhood memory

And it’s sad


Because I need you

But I don’t know who you are anymore

I don’t recognize your voice

And it’s no fault but my own


I used you when I needed you

And when I didn’t need you I conveniently forgot your existence

I’m sorry

But actions speak louder than words


You were there when I was sad

I left you when I was happy

I came back when I was sad

You waited while I was happy


But then the happy became long-term

And my free time became short-term

Our relationship grew apart

I valued you less


But here I am

Reaching out to you

Not because I need you

Because I want you


You are me

You are my everything

And I didn’t realize

Until I tried to reach out

And you were a lot farther than I expected

A part of me wasn’t there anymore

Just a fuzzy memory

Surrounded by unpleasant times

Lookin’ Crazy


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You got me lookin crazy out here.

I’ll have on my normal,

I’m livin,

I’m chillin


And then I’ll think

Of something you did

Or something you said

And I’d smile

Not a,

“hello, how are you”


But a huge

“I’m so freakin happy right now”


And the people who pass me

Are so confused

Because they’re probably wondering

What about a sidewalk full of strangers

At nine in the morning

Could possibly make someone so happy?

So I’d quickly try and change my face

As to not bring attention

But it’s too late

Because it takes a while for the smile to go away


I wouldn’t mind starting my morning like that

Every day

So I guess it’s worth lookin crazy


Missing What’s Still Here


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It’s a crazy feeling

Because I know you’re right here

But I feel like you’re miles away

It makes me sad

Because you told me you’re preparing yourself

But you seemed to forget about me


I’ll be gone soon

And I understand that you’ll miss me

But I’m not gone yet

And the craziest part

The worst thing about this

Is that I’m missing you

But you’re still right beside me



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hopefullyOne day, we will see each other, and we’ll greet each other with a hug and kisses on the cheek. I will walk beside you to the door and you will let me go in first. I step in and turn around as I wait for you to do the same. In one swift motion, you close the door. That’s when we press our lips together. Sweet, soft kiss. We walk into the dining room and our child greets you with your smile – a smile that lights my world. You drop your things on the kitchen table and return to the dining room to eat with your small family. I look and listen as our child tells you about their day. I love everything about our child, especially the traits they share with you. I look back and forth and I get overwhelmed at how perfect things are. Tears well in my eyes, and you look worried. I shake my head and smile at your unspoken question, and you playfully roll your eyes at how emotional I can get. You sit up from your chair to reach across the table and kiss my forehead and my tear drops to my cheek. You wipe it off and kiss the thumb you used. I smile, you smile, and everything is amazing. Well, hopefully, that’s how it goes.

I know I said I was going to post a lot. I know it only lasted for a week. 🙂 I’ve been really busy with my other blog, Growing into Twenty.

I will try to post more often.



Story Time!: An Embarrassing Moment


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College is stressful. I’m just going to start off with that.

One afternoon after three back-to-back classes on a hot, summer day I took a nice, long nap. I woke up 30 minutes before the cafeteria closed and had to rush to get over there.

My contacts were foggy, my hair was puffy from the humidity, and I had sleep marks on my face – I was not ready to face the world.

After managing to find my ID to enter the caf I went into the food desert. I’m not speaking of the typical one – the one that surrounds low-income neighborhoods with poor food choices that ultimately shortens lifespans and decreases energy – but I’m talking about the college food desert. That’s the place where everywhere you turn is bland food, and the few “good” items are guarded by insanely long lines of hormonal and starving young adults. I decided to get a salad.

As I was reaching to get a plate, a guy – I think he was a basketball player – said something to me. I forgot to mention that I had in headphones; just in case I saw someone I knew and I could ignore them by saying I didn’t see them or hear them calling my name.

“What,” I asked the guy, clearly annoyed that anyone would try to talk to me. I’m really cranky when I wake up too early. He tried to say it again, but I had to take my other earphone out.

I knew by then he could tell I was annoyed, but he just said louder, “Your panties are showing.”

Complete. And utter. Embarrassment.

My. Panties. Were. Showing.

My Fruit of the Loom, auburn-black-white abstract, granny panties were halfway up my back, and so was my shirt.

This is all in hindsight.

At the time, I blandly mutter a thanks and yanked my shirt down in hopes that I covered them but still not with enough energy to truly care.

Moral of the story, don’t wake me up while I’m in the middle of my nap. Oh, and always check to make sure your clothes are straight, especially when there are cute guys around.


I just wanted to share something personal with my followers so that you guys can get to know me better and hopefully hear my voice through my writing.

P.S. I know it’s not Thursday yet…. 😉

Spread Too Thin


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Spread Too ThinPass it.

She takes my hand.

She wants to use it to help with her writing.

Pass it.

He takes my leg.

Riding a bike is more fun with company.

Pass it.

They take my arm.

How else are they going to practice tennis?

Pass it.

He takes my foot.

Models were needed for the debut of his new shoe company.

Pass it.

She takes my head.

She needs help studying for her history final.

Pass it.

He takes my heart.

The only thing I was truly willing to give forever, without the hope of its return.

The only thing I was quickly given back.

Update: My Birthday, New Blog & Posting Schedule


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On my birthday last Thursday, I had a pretty decent time. I went to Red Lobster for dinner and that’s about all the human interaction that occurred. What really made my day was starting my new blog Growing into Twenty

I had tons of traffic and felt really good about it (you should check it out too). It was my favorite birthday gift.

That being said, that’s why I haven’t posted much on here recently. But that’s about to change! 

Instead of cutting back because I have another blog now, I’m gonna try to post twice a week! Most likely they’re going to be poems (unless I have writers block lol)

Anyway, I just wanted to give you guys an update. 

Happy Sunday.

I hope you have a great week. 



Love Poems


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Why is it that so many people like love poems, when in real life all we really see is heartbreak?

Is it the hope that one day it will happen to them?

Or is it the calm that comes with the thought that someone can create something so heartfelt, whether they actually meant it or not?

Do people in love really write love poems?

Or is it the people who yearn for love?

Because maybe if they knew the truth, they’d be as depressed as the rest of us.

And love poems wouldn’t exist.